Bukkake , Necros and Football..OH MY!!!!!!!!
2004-01-11 20:19:45 ET


I just came back from my 2nd viewing ov LotR:Return of the King. Superb..just like the first time I had seen it.

This weekend was interesting. I saw a large variety of different movies. IN sequential order.

1- Horrible softcore pr0n at the Fangoria convention I went to Friday.
2- Necro porn complete with real rabbit evisceration and thankfully fake cat evisceration called "Nekromantik". Yes, it *WAS* German.The lead corpse fucking actress was named Beatrice M. . Christ..what are the odds?
3- American Bukkake 12. Now..I compare everything to bukkake. It snowed slightly tonight, so I am blaming it on somebody bukkake-ing the streets.
4- Football. It was at T.G.I.F Friday's getting fat, and it had all these people around the bar going nuts for the Packers and the Eagles.It was very interesting to watch sports fans. People watching is amusing. Especially,crazed football fans.
5- Elf goodness tonight!!!!!!

So, my weekends was filled with liquor in my tummy and watching an ultra bizarre combination of various flicks.

I feel like my testosterone levels are sky high after all that football and bukkake. Get me a beer, bitch!

2004-01-11 20:24:08 ET

I've seen the necromantik, but not any of the bukkake stuff. I'm slacking in manly stuff :P

2004-01-11 21:12:54 ET

The (obviously fake) cat slaughter scene bothers the Holy Bejesus outta me. Bukkake is humorous.

2004-01-11 21:56:35 ET

necromantik II is a "sensitive" movie from a woman's perspective. that's not to be missed.

2004-01-15 12:54:44 ET

LOTR is too long
if it wasn't for the Goblin translation I don't know how I could have sat through it
Hail Goblin!

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