2004-01-24 12:49:51 ET

Happy 23rd birthday to my extremely LARGE Significant Other...the Wintermute, who forgot how to update this thing :P

2004-01-24 12:50:41 ET


2004-01-24 12:57:46 ET

oooh baby.
hopefully he enjoyed my gift.
and will enjoy the gift certificate for "one hour of sensual massage at casa de bio."

I'm also surprised that you are alive, too.

2004-01-24 13:03:22 ET

Yes, it is quite good to see you are still alive =) I tried to wish you a happy birthday as we were leaving, but you stumbled on past me hehe SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

2004-01-24 15:46:22 ET


I'm sorry :P

Did I throw down the sign of the beast?

That means I'm okay.

Drunkapalooza Round 3 tonight :P

Nice gay garment there, Danny Boy.

2004-01-24 16:15:35 ET

Thank you. 8]

2004-01-24 19:05:43 ET

No, more like you threw down the sign of "hey i might fall or puke or both" hehehehe....it looked like you had a good time!

and Dan you are a sexy beast in your vest.

2004-01-26 08:01:57 ET

You missed the Village People casting call.

2004-01-26 20:44:45 ET

totally. and i forgot my headdress.

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