Rat Funeral.......Either Today/Tomorrow
2004-02-03 14:29:18 ET

Hi kids,

I have a grim task staring me in the face this week.

You know how it's been snowing like mad all this time up here in Jersey?
Do you also recall an entry that I wrote some time ago about my rat Laila dying?

Well, you can't bury anything in the frozen ground.
So, when I was away for the weekend, and my rodent had made the decision to leave this mortal coil, my mom just put the entire tank outside out by the garbage....


I always bring up the dead baby thing, which infuriates her..but it's pretty much how I feel..since I don't plan on breeding(EVER) and my animals are my children.

Moving on..from the fact how much leaving my damn rat out by the garbage pissed me off..

Now..that it is raining and I do believe that rain thaws the snow..
The decaying process is about to kick in..

So, I will have to find a way to do something about the little rat corpse.

Rat #1 I put in a little Lindt chocolate box and left her in Hollywood Cemetery, since there wasn't really anywhere that I could dig and physical hole.
Rat #2 (Ariel) I believe is buried in my mother's vegetable garden.

Rat #3 I plan on throwing into a body ov water.She's NOT going in a dumpster, although that is filled with dead animals I'm sure.I'll let her return to the Earth.I think it's the best way to go. Plus, it's fucking foul out, so I don't plan on venturing into the back yard in the dark digging holes in the mud, destroying everything in my path. So, I think Operation :Water Grave will pan out much better.

I don't want to do this alone, so I'll probably volunteer the boyfriend as usual..if anyone else wants to join in on the fun (Note the heavy sarcasm) you can holla at me.

I hope she isn't half decayed by now.

This will be a big aid to my diet, because I doubt that I will want to eat EVER again after that.

Goddamn house rodents and their short life spans.

Let's just chalk it up to yet another "interesting experience" in my book.The rat has been dead for I'd like to say 3+ weeks now. So, once again...an "experience" this will be.I mean..it's not my fault. This isn't the X-men and I'm not Storm, so controlling the weather isn't on my Resume.I feel like ass about not being to do something earlier, but I feel that the water thing will be a respectful way to let go ov a beloved pet. I'm hoping that she will be a Viking rattie in Valhala :)

Or maybe a zombie rat that attacks homeless people. She was my first rat, so I do have high hopes for her in the afterlife.

2004-02-03 19:53:08 ET

build a rat rocket and send her to the moon!

2004-03-10 08:20:48 ET

Mmm... breeeeeeeding...

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