Pimping it!
2004-03-14 08:46:16 ET

Man..oh man.

If you missed me in all my "keyboarder" glory at the last Cenotype show..you should be shot in the skull for being worthless human garbage!

Albeit..there is hope for the youth today:

Redline Sundays Presents:

Sunday, April 18th

C_S_T(Mexican Johnny's formerly noise project. Catch it before he goes totally synthpop next year. I'm talking about the man who opened up for Needle Sharing here)

Cenotype - Watch your favorite giant Wintermute look tall and ominous, while I will be there in my platformed shoe and big ass dread glory.

This is all going on at the Axis Lounge.

If you miss it..harakiri will ensue!

There are sound samples on cenotype.com, and if BIOMECHANIC comes back from Deutschland..there will be pictures!

And..if you're into futurepop, go to www.mak1na.net. watch this guy rip Tom Shear a new one within the next year.

I just deleted my derogatory Tom Shear comment because Lenny told me it was mean. I like A23 though, so I'm sorry Mr. Shear for making fun of your "stature". :)

2004-03-14 08:48:43 ET

*snif* no promo's for me?

don't worry, you won't like noise next year. its a phase =D

2004-03-14 08:53:18 ET

... if I come back alive.

2004-03-14 10:56:37 ET

Everyone go to Jesse's page. Check out his band and perform sexual activities for him!

2004-03-14 11:30:23 ET


and is "Enough cyber pineapple" in Hebrew. ^_^

2004-03-15 10:39:25 ET

hhahahha...obviously my kind is not liked well in the Middle East :(

Must not want the NY influence :P

2004-03-15 10:41:51 ET


*still waiting for the performances of sexual activities by page visitors*

2004-03-15 10:49:40 ET

You'll be waiting for a while. You gotta be enticing!Naked pics, bro.

2004-03-15 10:52:44 ET

oh snap. can i use naked pics of someone who actually has a nice body instead? aren't my zoolander self-taken close-ups enticing enough?

2004-03-15 10:59:29 ET

No, we gotta see the exact goods we're getting.

Jesse nudity is encouraged!

2004-03-15 11:02:40 ET



but but but i'm basssshhhful! what about the avatar pic of me on the futon! viiinyl!! pointed toe!!!!!

2004-03-15 11:06:41 ET

But it's NOT naked.

We want the package.

Groupies liked cock rockers for those tight,tight pants after all :)

2004-03-15 11:08:41 ET


but um...no pics of them.....DAMMIT! its ok i get many sexual activities this weekend WEEEEEE i'm cheatin on dan while he's in germania don't tell him =D

2004-03-15 11:16:21 ET

He might or might not be able to read.

So, it's a 50/50 chance he finds out!

2004-03-15 11:18:24 ET

WOOHOO! well i didnt' say anything about economics so why would he read it?!?!

2004-03-15 11:30:50 ET

Say pro-communist statements and he'll be here with someone who can read it to him, like he usually is.But faster.

2004-03-15 11:33:25 ET

i'm sorry, i could never toy with his emotions like that. he would think i've betrayed him!

2004-03-15 11:48:45 ET

you are all going to hell.

2004-03-15 12:07:10 ET

well DUH haven't you seen south park? only Mormons get to heaven.

2004-03-16 01:55:23 ET

*sings* Bad girls go to hell.. Bad girls go to hell.. Bad girls go to hell..

2004-03-17 04:17:43 ET

I'm not a Mormon,I'm a Quantum Presbyterian!

2004-03-17 04:25:46 ET

hehe...then like...can I be a Cyberpiscopalian?!?!

2004-03-24 08:02:42 ET

I can be a a Latter Day Responder!
Don't confuse that w/Mormon, now!

2004-04-15 06:58:34 ET


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