2004-04-20 07:55:50 ET

Wintermute..errrr Wintermint errr Len and self will be going to the Museum of Sex in NYC today.

As Dan says, I hope it's raunchy. Behold neon Girls,Girls,Girls signs and antique vibrators gallore!

2004-04-20 08:05:17 ET

I hope you all catch some antique Chlamydia.

2004-04-20 08:26:04 ET

OOohh if you do bring me some!


you abandon us for like a month and then you update twice in one day?!?!?! i feel so loveded =)

2004-04-20 08:30:13 ET

You'll get more love and Dan jokes in person on Saturday.
You must wear the MILF Hunter shirt though!

2004-04-20 08:33:39 ET

hahaaha i was gonna go with Needle Sharing. y'know, to try to be cool. BUT I WILL BE BRINGING TEH MILF SO I DON"T NEED THE SHIRT!

2004-04-20 08:37:54 ET

Everyone and their mother has a Needle Sharing shirt.
Wear the MILF Hunter one.

2004-04-20 08:53:06 ET

A guy I hit on once had a Needle Sharing shirt!

2004-04-20 09:28:51 ET

i like my needle sharing shirt. the phrase is so questionable. and it fits me sooooo nice. teh milf hunter shirt is too big

2004-04-20 11:33:28 ET

See if there was a wooden woman pre-dating the inflatable woman.

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