2004-04-20 14:01:15 ET

Due to financial reasons said field trip will be postponed.

So, I never got to see a blow up doll prototype.

I do have Chiller to look forward to though.
I have the Neubauten show "to look forward to".
That's in quotes for a reason!
Don't really like 'em. No sir.But Len does. And he went to Wolfsheim for me. So, I have to. Or I'll be "the bad guy".I don't want to be the bad guy, so I guess I have me an obligation to fulfill.

-Insert comparisons to anal sex here-

How it never really does feel good for the girl.

I guess you need a prostate to like Neubauten!

2004-04-20 14:14:09 ET

How it never really does feel good for the girl

Hey, keep that quiet!

2004-04-20 14:50:23 ET

It's a global male conspiracy!

2004-04-20 14:58:33 ET

Yeah, i bet it doesn't feel good...but I wouldn't know. Too bad you didn't go to that sex museum...if you do go tell me if it's good or not.

2004-04-20 15:22:42 ET

There's no conspiracy. Sodomy is democratic--everyone can do it. That's why it's patriotic.

2004-04-20 15:44:11 ET

I'll tell you all about it when I go!I'm totally immature after all!

It's still male preferred, so I smell a secret testosterone driven pact!

2004-04-20 16:36:28 ET

collapsing new buildings is a really crappy "band."

that music does nothing. you can't dance to it, you can't rock out to it, and it lacks all forms of emotion. i heard one song and it consisted of a toilet flushing and bass guitar. like i said in your other thread, they have a really cool symbol and they are really really old so people pretend to like them.


2004-04-20 16:39:25 ET

stupid interw00b crapping out and making me double post


2004-04-20 16:58:44 ET

"Collapsing building..it's time to die"

Maybe that's where the man known as Patrick Stevens got that clever line from.

Operation Tough Guy is like watching Half Baked.

2004-04-20 17:06:33 ET

Operation Tough Guy! is the most socially concious record ever released.

2004-04-20 19:20:11 ET

yay! damn conspiracies! they're awesome though,

2004-04-20 21:14:02 ET

Einsturzende is amazing, and my prostate agrees with me. enjoy the show.

2004-04-21 09:26:55 ET

I wonder if they'll flush a toilet live!


2004-04-21 09:31:00 ET

i think they should just suck on things live.

cuz they suck.

2004-04-23 02:33:48 ET

vile being, u know nothing of industrial rock and roll. Continue with what is undoubtedly a progressive rock loving POV. Prove me wrong.

2004-04-23 03:35:42 ET

What is your damage little boy ?

2004-04-23 04:40:16 ET

never doubt my 1337ness, Caleb. You know nothing of teh stillbjorn. EN licks it. Has-beens, y0.

2004-04-23 05:00:54 ET

Never doubt you 1337ness after having it questioned by a Radiohead fan :)

2004-04-23 05:09:38 ET

damned skippy. i must no nothing of industrial rock n' roll cuz i don't have marilyn manson's new album. =D

2004-04-23 05:14:29 ET

That darn industrial rock & roll bro. It's like Elvis with a 303& a mean distortion pedal!

2004-04-23 05:18:20 ET

Or jonnie cash with an access virus!!!


2004-04-23 05:19:08 ET

Victory!Also venegance!

Industro-crap country-rock!

people look at me like I'm a heretic cause I'm not on the "Pretend to worship Johnny Cash bandwagon".He's still sucky ass country music, no matter what ya'll say :P

2004-04-23 05:20:05 ET

*tweeks the "song gets heavier" knob*

2004-04-23 05:20:43 ET

Edited previous post..lookie!


Eskil is afraid!

2004-04-23 05:27:37 ET


heeeee i don't really worship him either...i'm kinda like "eh.. =/ "

i have no respect for icons from music genres that i don't care about. such as biggy smalls. or yanni.

2004-04-23 05:42:33 ET

My old roommate liked Yanni!Much can be said about that!

teeme-a is leeke-a a boollet frum beheend
I roon fur cufer joost leeke-a yuoo

2004-04-23 05:47:21 ET



(repeat 8469283746 times)

2004-04-23 05:48:39 ET

I superglued my hand to Mr.Little Bork Bork!

Sim Rudy sucks though!

2004-04-23 05:57:42 ET

I've never read the simRudy...oh how my :W: hatred runs deep...

there neeeds to be a simJesse & simDan lovenest journal.

2004-04-23 06:01:40 ET

SimLeech and all his miso banter!

2004-04-23 06:02:49 ET

who's that?

these things were all started by the epsilon minus guy right? i think i sense a little jealousy, cuz i have yet to hear an epsilon minus track worth remembering...

2004-04-23 06:06:36 ET

Yeah, it's all him.I was definitely telling a friend last night how that guy has mad Metropolis Sour Grapes syndrome.

Lee[ch] is the Navicon TT guy Bro sweats.

2004-04-23 06:11:05 ET

He's so whiney and mad...it's really gay...maybe if he put as much effort into music as he did making fun of people that are better & more popular than him he'd do better hehe

2004-04-23 06:31:23 ET

I definitely agree!Less whining and more talent!

O.o and above post..Bro=Bio..my bad!

2004-04-23 06:34:58 ET

OOoohhh so thats why i didn't know what you were talking about and ignored it...TYPO POWER! yay.

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