2004-04-21 11:10:44 ET

There was a wonderful ghetto fight of about 40 of these little motherfuckers coming back from the HS on my neighbor's lawn. Running into the street and actually making traffic stop.Screaming..baseball bats. You name it and slowly the entire herd was coming toward my house. I can see it in the window of my computer room. So, anyway at some point they are all huddled screaming at the top of their lungs around MY FUCKING CAR!!!!!!!!!!!You ghetto motherfuckers don't put your welfare scumbag bodies on my property!You take that shit into YOUR crackhouses.

So, I didn't do the smartest thing.I ran outside telling them to get the fuck off my car. I was at the top level off my house, so by the time I STORMED OUTSIDE with insane amounts of anger and adrenaline pumping through my body they began to walk away. I was still angry, but since they weren't sitting on my car anymore and began walking up the block I decided that the smartest thing to do would be to let it go.

I swear it looked like a scene out of some movie made about South Central or some shit like that.

These fucking scumbags come this way on the way from HS[why even bother going while you know you will not achieve anything in life anyway]and dump trash in *MY* yard that my mom has to pick up every few days. I swear I'm gonna snipe 'em all with a rifle.

I still have mad adrenaline pumping through my body.Grrrrrrrrr!

My parents just planted grass too and these fucking degenerates who probably just go to school to deal drugs anyway disrespect my property like that!Stupid or not..I will go outside and yell at them, even though they might have guns..I don't fucking care. I never have. I have zero tolerance for this ghetto thug bullshit.

That is fucking all!

2004-04-21 11:14:14 ET

sheesh now i wanna shoot people....i really really really hate thugs.

2004-04-21 11:41:57 ET

i've had almost the EXACT same thing happen to me before. Only the group outside of my house was a gaggle of about twenty girls or so. Still thugged out, still kind of scary, but i threatened to call the cops on them so they took off running. fuckers.

2004-04-21 12:22:14 ET

I hate kids like that. That's why I'm against people having children.

2004-04-22 15:19:56 ET

Yeah, next time I'm gonna just call the cops since that's their goddamned job!Technically, anything over 12[as I've been told] is considered a riot so techincally the coppers should come quickly!

2004-04-25 07:18:52 ET

last night was scwheeeeet thanks for comin out!!!

i think heather's in love. with you. =D

2004-04-28 06:24:19 ET

update. UPDAAAATE!

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