2004-05-06 08:02:43 ET

I'm updating because my life was threatened by Jesse!

What's the news?

1- I have 3 seconds of fame on an upcoming VnV Nation home DVD.It was a show I went to in 2001.I'm yet to see it. But be warned I'm more futurepop than Ray who is the Supreme Lord and Master of futurepop. Oh man..I'm going to hear so many SWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORDS comments now. I'm awaiting them anxiously.

2-Today I might or might not go see Manufactura.They are always touring, so they are not really all that special.However I know that Lenny is dying to pass of a Cenotype demo on the poor and unsuspecting Karloz.Speaking of Cenotype my Flava Flav status is shaky, as I quit last month and now I might or might not be still doing it. Either way it was enough to delete the link of my LJ User Info, and you all know how important that is

3- Who is getting a Skinny Puppy ticket today? Yes, I am. Filthadelphia here I cometh.

4- New hair.Gothy purple and black coming this weekend. Time to buy a parasol because reviving the gother than thou me is in order.

2004-05-06 08:06:55 ET

No one is more future pop than Ray!! How dare you insinuate such a thing!!

Manufactura live was like Terrorfakt live. Interpert as you will.

I remember that Cenotype demo that I never received.

2004-05-06 08:15:06 ET

the uber limited edition Tinfoil one?

Well, since they have interchangeable members named Ben you're probably right!

2004-05-06 08:50:19 ET


good job pineapple. visit my picture gallery where you and lenny have been immortalized. and add me to your live journal friends so i can harass you on yet another web site!!

or i will taunt you a second time!

2004-05-06 09:09:10 ET

::bites his thumb::

Manufactura definitely played live with Ben. We both saw it with our own eyes.

And, no, the demo of the new stuff. The two CDRs that I've received ... the "1 of 1"" that clearly is not limitd to one copy, and the "cenotype <3s mekh" are the same 3". except one has the kodos and kang sample, and one doesn't.

2004-05-06 09:17:28 ET

I have no cenotype demo.

i don't even have "the death of mekhanikal" =(

2004-05-06 09:19:15 ET

Three copies were printed (hahaha) of The Death of Mekhanikal.

One belongs to Bea, one belongs to Krista (who you all remember), and one was supposed to be given to Len or Chris or John or something, but I still have it.

2004-05-06 09:20:55 ET

I will have to pirate this pivotal release over soulseek or something. or you should make me an ultra-super-duper limited edition 4th copy.

2004-05-06 09:22:05 ET

Dude, I can't just print 4 of 3. That'd be illegal or something. I could be arrested. If it makes you feel any better, the songs on it sucked and are probably available for download over the internet.

I think a Dysmorphmekh collab should go down. And Dysmorphmekh can open for Cenotype. :P

2004-05-06 09:22:32 ET

dude. the 3"

are your tracks almost done?!?!?!

2004-05-06 09:27:53 ET

I'm going to use the "Buy War Bonds"song as my first track.
And I'm halfway pseudo done with my Terrorfakture-style track with the ATHF samples.

2004-05-06 09:32:38 ET

oh no. please no. you have to be joking. ATHF samples? Terrorfart style?!?!!

2004-05-06 09:34:23 ET

Terrorfakture style in the sense that it will be just ditsorted rhythms and oontz... except. Better. šause I'm doing them.

2004-05-06 09:38:49 ET

oh ok. well. i dont' know how you could use ATHF samples in that..

wait so are my distorted oontzes terrorfaktura style then? =(

2004-05-06 09:54:00 ET

No. You are Converter.


2004-05-06 09:57:05 ET

you mean i'm converter but good? wait that doesn't make sense. converter is the best. i wish i was wearing my t shirt.
how am i converter?!?!?!?!?

ick mooninite samples will make the song too funny and we won't be listening to your oontzes we'll be listening to the samples!

2004-05-06 09:57:56 ET

No. You rip off Converter.
Hence. You are Converter.

Good. The song will say "THE INNOCENT WILL SUFFER ... BIG TIME!" a lot.

2004-05-06 09:58:29 ET


i'm *sniff* good!

2004-05-06 11:17:58 ET

you're more of a pain station meets d.b.s. meets notime meets xenonics k30 rip off.*

*for the less leet among us, those are all scott sturgis projects.

2004-05-06 17:47:50 ET

you are teh suq.

i'm gonna be an em0 band now.

2004-05-06 18:38:20 ET

You can horde mildly attractive at best chicks for Bio.

2004-05-06 18:40:12 ET

no. all i can do is rip off converter. =(

2004-05-06 19:44:26 ET

me. swm with passion for industrial music and economics. you. mildy attractive emo chick or fat girl. call for intimacy. must be willing to settle.

2004-05-07 03:16:34 ET

Ability to see own feet optional.

2004-05-07 18:10:06 ET

I saw you on the dvd you looked bored hehe.

2004-05-07 18:12:56 ET

bea is now teh coolest ever

2004-05-07 19:22:15 ET

I was standing on line!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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