IndustrialNation - Girl of the Month. Vote for me (Vanity Kills) #9
2004-06-15 12:20:59 ET

I didn't even know the voting was up and enabled until today!!!

Anyway, here's the info kids!!!!

All you have to go is go to the Industrial Nation Girl of the Month webpage, bookmark it and vote once a day [that is if you wish] and click on me. I'm #9 and my name is Vanity Kills.

Thanks kids


The Pineapple

2004-06-15 12:40:10 ET

there I voted where is my bribe hehe

2004-06-15 12:47:34 ET

i voted too. you are cute! :)

2004-06-15 13:01:56 ET


How about my gratitude, LOL :P

2004-06-15 13:09:41 ET

voted for ya =]

2004-06-15 13:25:49 ET

Thanks Melissa!
I feel mad privileged :D

2004-06-15 14:02:45 ET

I voted so far you are kickin ass!

2004-06-15 14:45:41 ET

just voted...still way in the lead!

2004-06-15 15:36:52 ET

Thank you!Thank you!
I appreciate your support 100%

2004-06-15 16:40:43 ET

voted--all four of me--and did my duty for pineapplekind.

2004-06-15 19:48:46 ET

Winning that contest will be like shooting a dead horse.
Too easy.

2004-06-16 04:30:50 ET

I'm getting my ass handed to me, because she posted it on My Space and has about 800 people on her Friends List there, so my ass is grass!But thanks for voting :D

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