Vote Vanity Kills for Bizarre Beauty
2004-08-23 12:09:25 ET


I fell to 4th place!

This cannot be



You know a hot pineapple when you see one :)

2004-08-23 12:11:28 ET

Done =)

2004-08-23 13:00:57 ET

I voted for someone on there too.

2004-08-23 13:23:25 ET

I voted for tha pineapple...then I ate one. Does that make me a bad person?

2004-08-23 13:27:06 ET

i voted for the fat chick

2004-08-23 13:40:49 ET

I voted three times just for you!

2004-08-24 05:36:08 ET


2004-08-27 10:39:05 ET


Multiple=voting disqualification.

Sinsation..thanks for voting for me :) I'll eat a chicken thigh to that.

Shay...does that mean you love me. How come I was not aware of this??????????????????????????????????????????????????

and Heather..thanks :D

2004-08-28 07:30:24 ET

love will tear us apart.

2004-08-28 08:11:37 ET ain't called love. It's called an ocean...Whaaaaaaaaa

2004-08-29 01:23:01 ET

I have crossed oceans of time to find you..

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