Love = black eyes
2005-01-16 14:35:45 ET

So, I am Upstate, NY.

About to rock some club action in Ithaca(not before getting annihilated that is).

The boyfriend and I decided that it would be a good idea to drink last night and then...well, then *I* decided that it would be a good idea to ahem..."fight".

So, now I am the brand new, proud owner of a black eye.

I'm going to pass it off on the iced over parking lots of the NY region.

Yes, I am =)

2005-01-16 14:39:40 ET

throwdowns are awesome. show it off with pride!

2005-01-16 14:41:45 ET

I will blacken your SOUL.

2005-01-16 14:42:01 ET

...with a GUITAR SOLO.

2005-01-16 14:46:53 ET

Yeah, keep stroking Mr. Halford!

Your heterosexuality is as believable as the phrase "terror EBM".

2005-01-16 16:31:08 ET

you're going to the Haunt ?

that's where I went for most of 2 years.

2005-01-16 18:01:59 ET

i for one am terrorized by terror EBM. also nauseiated.


2005-01-16 21:19:12 ET

Oh man, you got PWNT.

::throws some more distortion on that synth line::

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