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2005-01-31 14:53:13 ET

If I could find the fucking Winamp folder on this computer, I wouldn't be listening to Gridlock all day long :P I've actually managed to lose count how many times Sickness looped itself. The driving theme lately seems to be "In Slaughter Natives" and the "Upstate Song" will forever be Sickness, since I have no idea how to navigate around Winamp. Since I actually BUY my music! HA! The boyfriend has too many folders of stuff[male on male pr0n mostly :P] so I've given up on looking for anything else to listen to. I think I'm going to HATE Gridlock by the time that he gets home from class.

And while I'm bitching...this monitor is too bright as well. It's making my eyes tired. I have a lot of time to spare today, so it's either Live Journal or Peter J. Carroll. I can't go outside and explore the wide, open spaces of Upstate New York due to my car not being here and the front door locking itself automatically every time that you close it...and me not having a key. Otherwise I'd be out causing terror. I need to cause more terror.

But this isn't about Upstate Ny at all. This is about my newly acquired piercing. As you might or might not have known last weekend I was out and about celebrating my 22nd Birthday. And what a great 4 day celebration it was. Possibly the best one ever! There were friends, drinks and mayhem. A lot of mayhem. I thank you all again for coming out to see me and if you shared the day of birth[a lot of you did] I sincerely hoped that you had as much fun as I did. Honestly, I wasn't aware of how many friends/acquaintances of mine were born at the end of January.

And a big thanks to Sr. Mak1na for my very painful Birthday present.

Here is the story of said B-day present

The boyfriend came down from Bing. to see me on Friday. After some Clinton Road exploration[we were JUST askin' to get killed], I came back home, got changed and then Ray came on by to take us to Starlight for the purpose of bringing on the motherfucking pain. I couldn't see anyone else but Dominick bringing this pain onto me because Beth left for Seattle. She would've been my first choice, but Dominick knows what he is doing as well in my opinion and I wasn't going to experiment and go to a shop that I am not familiar with.

After much circumnavigating[Read: Getting lost] we finally made it to Belleville 30 minutes before closing. Why did we get lost,you ask? Well, I was tying my boots and that caused me to miss our turn..:P And then asking ghetto kids for directions. Yeah, that wasn't good. But we did make it before the shop closed. Dom quoted me $80 for my nipples, but since Ray was footing the bill, I felt like $80 would just be too much. So, I decided to go for my 2nd choice of piercing: the vertical clitoral hood or VCH for short.

Let me tell you, I got so nervous after I decided to go through with it. Filling out that form took way longer than it should've. I was surprised that I remembered how to spell my own name. Went downstairs and there was much poking and measuring and all the preparatory nonsense, which I wished would've been over sooner since when you know the pain is coming ..you just want to get it over with. I didnt mind too much though, since I got a chance to catch up with Dominick[haven't seen him in a while].It was also partially my fault, since I had to pee halfway through the preparation process[and run upstairs to the bathroom half dressed..which didn't really yield as many funny looks as I expected it to] and knew it would've been a bad idea to wait until later to get it done.

In case you haven't figured it out yet, I was trembling like an earthquake struck Jersey, but the boyfriend held my hand so that made it more bearable. I think Ray passed out on the couches upstairs while this was all going on. I've never gone to get a piercing by myself [or a tattoo] so I was thankful for the company.

All the prep time must've taken 30 minutes or so, I'm not sure. We endured a bit of technical difficulty with the receiving tube, so he decided to go with the clamp and that hurt like a motherfucker all in it's own. After that came a deadly looking 14g needle. Which when piercing such a sensitive area, could only be compared to somebody ripping out your clitoris with their teeth. It's the first piercing/tattoo that ever made me scream. I tried not to be a baby, but the reaction was pretty much involuntary.

After that came something called a "reverse feed" I believe that hurt just as bad[Scream #2], which was basically something that looked like a taper, that went through me again. After that came the jewelry*, which also hurt like a motherfucker. Hell, even putting the ball on the barbel didn't feel too hot.

* By the way, I picked out a red stone to go with my hair and my red/black outfit for the night. I am such a girlie girl.

I didn't feel it very much after all the piercing was over, which was good since I wanted to get drunk and dance. I didn't walk funny or anything either.

It was all done by 10 o'clock, so we paid, got some after care instructions and then hit up Q's.

But more on the clubbing bit tomorrow. All you need to know right now is that much fun was had!
The nipples are still on the piercing agenda, but not in the near future.

This has to heal first. Gonna have to go to Walmart in a few to pick up some sea salt, so that healing can be accelerated. It gets uncomfortable sometimes, as in I am very "AWARE" of the fact that the piercing is there. Not in a sexual way[It actually KILLED my sex drive],but I am just very AWARE of it's existence at all times. I guess it's a sore feeling, which is normal. It feels really weird though when I am out in the cold. I also decided not to wear pants for a while so that I do not irritate it. Healing should take 6-8 weeks, I believe.

That would be all on the piercing news front today.
I'm a little woozy, so I am going to take a nap for a bit.

I feel the female doom a-coming soon, so I am not feeling well.
Cramps, bloating and all that fun stuff!YAY!

2005-01-31 15:04:11 ET

that's the piercing of all piercings for teh girls.

2005-02-01 11:01:53 ET

and she is a girlie girl !
rock on miss Bea.

2005-02-03 18:16:42 ET

Rock on die cyber genitals

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