Gimme feedback, douchefaces!
2008-04-07 13:53:19 ET

I was contacted by the folks that run Lip Service and was told that they dig my style of writing. I was asked to become a regular contributor to the blog on the Lip Service site. I get my own dating advice column. This works out perfectly, because as a big Sex and the City fan, I always thought that it would be fun to be a gothic version of Carrie Bradshaw and write about the issues that people encounter in the world of dating and relationships as well as share my own experiences told in a witty and humorous manner. I have enough funny anecdotes within the realm of subcultural dating to fill a book. I get to trash talk my drunken hookups.

Needless to say I already have a plethora of ideas swimming around in my head, but I'd also like to probe your brains for things that you'd like to read about. If you were to read a dating advice column told from the point of view of a goth/industrial/noise girl what subjects would you like to see touched upon?


Buffalo needs to be less cold.

2008-04-08 16:41:47 ET

Why not go for it?

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