i have arrived.
2002-11-29 13:32:54 ET

Due to lack ov funding , I shall go out and indulge in some low budget weekend activities.

No clubs, just maximization ov my caffeine intake. Going to go make my veins explode.

And then I'll come back and think ov something witty for my bio page. Ja.

2002-11-29 13:33:25 ET

Welcome to SK, I can't wait to see your bio. :)

2002-11-29 13:33:43 ET


2002-11-29 13:34:44 ET

I was there at the Cenobita show. Heheh He forgot to specify that it was subkultures.net with a 'k', but it's still good to know that one person heard it. ^_^

2002-11-29 13:37:50 ET

Welcome to sk!

2002-11-29 13:39:51 ET

welcome to subkultures

2002-11-29 13:52:17 ET


2002-11-29 14:13:25 ET

Welcome to SK

2002-11-29 14:41:13 ET

Welcome you! Hope you enjoy your stay...you'll never make it out...SANE at least.... =) heh

2002-11-29 17:23:36 ET

umm.. i don't think we make it IN..sane...

2002-11-29 17:31:53 ET

I do.

2002-11-29 18:06:59 ET

CooooOOOOlllLLLDDDD nipples!

2002-11-29 18:12:06 ET

Hahaha, Gryfin.... this is true.

2002-11-30 13:36:05 ET

sounds like fun! welcome to SK.

2002-11-30 13:36:05 ET

sorry, double-posted. lol

2002-11-30 19:20:46 ET

Hidy.. I be Rayvin... If you need help just pm me or go here Love talking to new people so if your lonely or bored and just want to be stupid you can Pm me...

2002-12-01 01:03:15 ET

Hello and welcome

2002-12-01 07:18:31 ET

Welcome to SK.

If you need any help, go here.

2002-12-01 07:20:17 ET


2002-12-01 10:00:50 ET

I usually follow Sean but I couldn't wait...

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