Look ma..I'm a model.
2002-11-30 19:12:51 ET


So both Little Melissa and I are in the Illig.com catalog. O.o.

Too bad you can't see our faces. Hey...what are you trying to tell me? *Hmph*

2002-11-30 19:33:47 ET

i like one item of illig clothing

2002-11-30 19:38:51 ET

I like those big, reflective cargo skirts they have

2002-11-30 19:39:28 ET

motocross hoodie is nice - but pricey and would look shite on me. ;<

2002-11-30 19:41:31 ET

Yes! I want! I wanted to steal it from the shoot, but they didn't have any laying around.

2002-11-30 19:48:16 ET

when was the shoot? and why did they crop your face? are you hideously deformed?

you should have taken a photographer hostage in exchange for motocross hoodie

2002-11-30 19:51:59 ET

Shoot was the day after Halloween. I had *THE* worst hnagover too =/

No, they didn't crop my face. They just used a picture where I'm spinning and my extensions are in my face.

Hmm maybe I *AM* hideously deformed.

2002-11-30 19:53:15 ET

oo, linktopic

2002-11-30 20:01:30 ET

Faceless me!


Look ma I have a face

2002-12-01 06:04:16 ET


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