2002-12-01 19:05:39 ET

I have my little cheering section organized to go to QXT's, so they can see me NOT win the Beauty Pageant.

Woo hoo.....gonna make a huge ass out ov myself this Saturday.

2002-12-01 19:18:54 ET

make sure you get a very nice looking young man wearing a skirt made out of live crabs , and then get him to shoot talcum powder cakes out of a tennis ball cannon into a group of nuns wearing dayglo orange habits. this will help you win the pageant for sure !

2002-12-02 10:53:00 ET

Good ol' Q's.

I was there Saturday with bells on.

2002-12-02 11:29:19 ET

You rocked da bells last Saturday. I'm rocking some lights this upcoming one.

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