2002-12-03 18:05:57 ET

Now accepting donations from the Stacker 3 Fairy.

Cause it's the season to give.

2002-12-03 18:31:37 ET

Join the ruckus, Pineapple.
NYC/JERSEY crew in the house.

2002-12-03 19:29:01 ET

hi bea...i think we met at batcave one night? stromkern/seabound? or am i on crack?

2002-12-03 19:37:51 ET

Rar..I think I remember. Actually no..I *DO* remember *he he*. You were blissfully intoxicated and hovering your beverage over my head. And I feared for my big hair.


Nice to run into you again.

2002-12-03 20:03:41 ET

whoops! sorry, i didnt mean to make you nervous about your hair! and i wasnt even drunk yet!

so yea, hi there =)

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