I honestly don't want to rock and roll all night.
2002-12-05 16:58:41 ET

That goddamn Kiss song where Gene Simmons or whoever sings about wanting to rock and roll all night is presently stuck in my head(as it has been all day, ALL day). I think it was the devil who sent up that morning show that my father was wathing or something, because that godawful song was stuck with me ever since.

Now, my mind is adding the dancing Gene Simmons visuals too. Nice chest hair.

Oooh stop it.

2002-12-05 17:06:26 ET


:sticks out tounge like Gene Simmons:

I :heart: KISS

2002-12-05 17:19:59 ET

omg gene simmons. NOT KOSHER

2002-12-05 17:40:51 ET

soooo kosher..

2002-12-05 18:23:29 ET

I'm not sure if hes prepared properly for jews or not...but Kiss definatly one of the worst overrated bands ever...But I think Paul Stanley sings that tune

2002-12-05 18:46:51 ET

I wasn't too sure which was which w/out that stage makeup. But it seemed like they were both singing. Maybe Gene was backup. I just saw an open shirt and chest hair gallore.

2002-12-05 18:50:45 ET

gene is back up.

and i want his boots.

2002-12-05 18:54:31 ET

I got 7" plats. But not Kiss style. Though I often (living in the ghetto) I get plenty ov Kiss comments. Maybe I'm like the 5th Beatle..but Kiss style.

2002-12-05 18:55:52 ET

or something....


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