Girls, girls, girls.
2002-12-06 18:52:17 ET

So, yea some really hot lesbian chick gave me the ich will dich look today (more than just one look really). I would've talked to her and all, but I was going about 90 on the Parkway so sign language flirting might have been risky.

Too bad, but an ego boost nonethless.

2002-12-06 18:53:01 ET

hehe go youuuuuuuuu.

2002-12-06 19:12:56 ET

Yayness. I've got an insanely childish crush on some lesbian goth-chick 'round here...

2002-12-06 19:51:10 ET

go get her

2002-12-06 19:57:51 ET

I would, if she wasn't in the car in front ov me :D I'm not good at stalking. I'd have to go to the DMV.

2002-12-07 03:01:49 ET

wooo ljgothfash/agf!
are you going to convergence?

2002-12-07 09:23:18 ET

I wish I could converge her *cry*

2002-12-08 10:39:25 ET

syko: I'd like to go to Vegas for C9, but since I'm gonna be 20, there's no point in going to Sin City. Not much you can do unless you're 21 =/

2002-12-08 10:58:44 ET

die - not true. I've been to vegas three times, and only once was i 21. And when I was 21, i didn't gamble one cent. It's an insanely fun town, just to BE in. There are tons of things for under 21 peeps to do. The convergence events, the Liberache museum, clubs, wandering in and out of me, it's rockin'!!!

2002-12-08 11:00:14 ET

It's not under 21 that stops the fun, it's lack of $$$$. I went and it sucked cause I couldn't *do* anything there. But if you have at least some money it could be fun, I didn't have any problems getting in anywhere -

(can't recall if I was 21 or not, but I don't remember using my ID at all)

2002-12-08 11:21:21 ET

Syko: Really..last time I looked over the sched. ov events for Convergence lots ov things were restricted to the 21+ crowd. I was always under the impression stuff in Vegas was 21+..everywhere. And I care NOT for gambling. I'd rather go look at Elvis impersonators anyway :P Tho I'd love to see some show girls and burlesque type shows too.

Insomnia :Agreed and that's probably why I'm not goin to Vegas anytime soon. Unless Q's does an Elvis night.

2002-12-08 11:24:13 ET

Saw a girlie show. That was the only good thing in Vegas. Well, that and the fake Paris city.

2002-12-08 13:03:13 ET

I'm SO going to vegas this summer.

2002-12-09 20:32:36 ET

Viva Las Vegas, my home for the last 12 years.
There is a lot you can do here with no cash, and if you are under 21.

2002-12-09 20:35:22 ET

Uh oh..roadtrip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

2002-12-10 04:02:30 ET

Yeah, Bea, as your LAWYER I suggest you rent a cool sports car, and come with me to vegas. :)

2002-12-10 09:13:16 ET

me too! me too!

If I dress like a showgirl will someone pay for me to go?

2002-12-10 10:22:26 ET

Insomnia, there is a *party flight* from nyc to here that onlys cost $99.

2002-12-10 10:26:24 ET

hah that rocks.

here? you in Vegas?

Driving there from Cali was definitely no fun... in August, bleh.

I still wanna dress up like a showgirl and have someone pay my way though, how cool would that be?

2002-12-10 10:30:47 ET

Vegas = SiS home.
Hot drive, yeah no fun + can be way hard on your car.
Well I think I could help you with getting dressed up as a show girl part. But you have to be bery carful with mt feathered headdress. ;)

2002-12-10 10:33:05 ET

oooh it all makes sense now.

I've wanted to be a showgirl since I was 16 or something. Too bad it's near extinct, I think it's a lot more exciting than all the other things it has spawned...

2002-12-10 10:41:34 ET

They still have quite a few old style shows here. Some the newer ones, like Le Femme, are really amazing shows.
Funny how many people still don't realize a good amout of show girls are really show boys, but Le Femme is all female it's very nicely done, not a cheesy bump and grind, like Crazy Girls (but we can go downtown and see all the crazy girls butts in bronze).

2002-12-10 10:44:02 ET

I think Crazy Girls is the show I saw. It wasn't too great except for the one part where this girl was sitting on a wheel looking thingie and sorta dancing around lying down - hard to explain but it rocked.

They need to bring back showgirls like the Follies girls, you know, the 50+ girls onstage all half naked dancing around in unison...

2002-12-10 10:52:02 ET

They have some of those sill at Balleys, Tropicana and a few other places.

2002-12-10 11:07:10 ET

Okay, when I fly off to the states this summer, I'm SO taking all you guys n' gals on the road with me!!

Justine - If you let me crash at your place in NYC, I'll get ya to Vegas. ;)

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