2002-12-09 19:52:06 ET

Hooray for unhealthy attractions :P *he he he*

2002-12-09 19:56:50 ET

i always have it for the 40+ crowd 0.0

and lepers.

and 40+ lepers.

2002-12-09 20:00:02 ET

I'm more "normal"haaaa. When I start wanting someone who actually looks like their gender I tend to think it's unhealthy.

But nothing like bangin' em and saving parts in a box.

2002-12-09 20:01:47 ET

i like feminine boys, boyish girls, and a few particularly charming giraffes. sh.

2002-12-09 20:56:36 ET

oooo giraffes...all my attractions are unhealthy.

2002-12-10 09:24:48 ET

::dons boy clothes again::

2002-12-10 10:47:56 ET

::trades cloths with insomnia::

2002-12-10 10:49:31 ET

you want my boy clothes Chris? I think they'd be too big for you, then the girls wouldn't be able to drool over your sexy body. ::grins::

And I ain't wearing no tech-raver-pineapple shirt!

Although at least I'd know they were clean... heh

2002-12-10 10:52:18 ET

haha, you love my tech yo! ::takes cloths out of the washer and passes them to insomnia:: :) ::cuts insomnias cloths to fit sexy bitch body::

2002-12-10 10:54:27 ET

::hands dc tittie-holder shirt instead::

2002-12-10 10:55:09 ET

hahaha! lol

2002-12-10 16:49:40 ET

::steals dc's underwear... AGAIN!!!!::

Girll... you'll be a Pineapple... soon!

2002-12-10 17:50:23 ET

hehe, thats the second time now! im running out! lol

2002-12-10 17:51:50 ET

running out already? then you were meant to go commando after all. . . join the club ;-)

2002-12-10 18:12:22 ET

Peer pressure, Chris.
*dangles undies from pinky*
Join us.
The Vanilla Commando SKwad.

2002-12-10 19:02:27 ET

haha! lol

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