2002-12-27 05:56:43 ET

Ummm...I hope they let me on the plane.

The person who bought my ticket to Fl. didn't put my LEGAL name on it.

So, my name doesn't match my ID.

Ummm....yea..this sucks .


Edited to add: Yeah, I'm in Fl. Miss my pineapples:P

2002-12-27 08:02:43 ET

As much as we'd love you to go get a Florida tan, um, we'd rather you not so you can come to the NYE party. ::grins::


Sorry babe. . .

2002-12-28 16:14:32 ET

Greetings from the sunshine state.

It's cold.

On my way to the castle now.

2002-12-28 16:20:29 ET

Bah... well have fun.

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