2002-12-31 16:32:03 ET

*not realy enjoying self*

But...I'll be back Friday.


*Rar* I'm spending my New Year's Eve watching "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". =/

Yea...Fl. isn't rating high with me at the moment. I miss Jersey!!

2002-12-31 16:39:07 ET

*kidnaps you*

2003-01-01 06:56:38 ET

bombs + florida = happy

2003-01-01 10:25:19 ET

aww baby - see what happens when you leave this area?

everyone is more connected now.

2003-01-01 21:37:02 ET

Did you make a wall sized Chart ov Sluttiness?

2003-01-02 06:25:20 ET

no, too confusing now!

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