2003-01-20 13:25:52 ET

Insurance =$170 a month
Cell phone bill=varies from $100 to $300 a month.

The chance ov me finding a goddamn job=priceless.

I have to go to NYC tomorrow and get my coat, possibly spend a day in the company ov the police. Wonderbar.

2003-01-20 15:24:45 ET

You can solve the cell phone problem by being less social.

Party in NYC!
Give me your cell number so we can party. :P

2003-01-20 15:36:40 ET

Use your weekly underage allowance to pay for insuring my bumper sticker.

2003-01-20 15:39:22 ET

Oh man.
Road trip, too?
In your car?!

I'll bring a rowdy attitude and a disrespect for authority figures, then!

2003-01-20 15:52:04 ET

I'll bring Penn & Teller(since you have a thing for magicians)

2003-01-20 15:54:03 ET

But we need an empty backseat for picking up hookers. :[

2003-01-22 12:42:22 ET

$100 - $300 a month? Hotdamn you must talk alot.

2003-01-22 12:44:05 ET

Those 1-900 numbers sure do add up.

2003-01-22 12:45:04 ET

I've found it best to call porn numbers from a friend's house.

2003-01-22 12:48:44 ET

Can I come over? I need to use the phone. :P

2003-01-22 12:53:56 ET

Hah! You'd have to ring a lot of porn to make it worthwhile.

But okay, as long as you have it on speakerphone.

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