2003-01-24 14:29:15 ET

Hmmm..to go out or not to go out, that is the question.

-cries over not having a legal vehicle-

If I go out, I might have problems getting back.But then again, if I don't go out I shall be kicking myself.

2003-01-24 14:30:13 ET

go out, its worrth it

2003-01-24 14:58:29 ET

go out! sitting home is poopy.

2003-01-24 14:58:31 ET

We'll both decide at like 11pm...

2003-01-24 14:59:16 ET

Hhahahhah..you know I always end up going out anyway.

And so do you, Insomnia

2003-01-24 14:59:59 ET

Don't remind me.

2003-01-24 15:02:46 ET

Ok..next week no clubs. Up for the sex museum? no pun intended.

2003-01-24 15:07:27 ET

Hah sounds good ;-)

2003-01-24 15:08:07 ET

OT: I need new pictures.

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