2003-02-05 11:46:12 ET

O.o Toni is stopping over soon and she will be putting a massive mountain ov hot pink and black dreads on my head.

You will all see it this weekend.



2003-02-05 11:53:38 ET

That sounds cooler than.. anything.

2003-02-05 11:54:59 ET

Pink dreads = sex.

2003-02-05 12:05:32 ET

noo!!! hah, i havent seen you in dread in a while! youve been sporting the rivetness ;) lol

2003-02-05 12:08:10 ET

Rivet is the new code word for lazy.

And I've actually NEVER had dreads :)

2003-02-05 12:10:00 ET

:) true!

2003-02-05 12:10:51 ET

pink <3

but dreads are hippienasty. or do you mean braids?

2003-02-05 12:13:11 ET

Synth dreads. You can wash 'em sheeeyats though. They will be braided into my head, like braids but in dread form.

I will be as cool as all the kids in Batcave now.

2003-02-05 12:14:49 ET

bleh - hippie

2003-02-05 12:29:47 ET

pink! ::heart stops:: she is so fine :)

2003-02-05 12:51:02 ET


How much is she charging you Bea?
I'm getting braided again next time the thermometer pops above 50.

2003-02-05 13:06:10 ET

i dunno .. but the new pink video rocks .. hah, ill shut up now :p

2003-02-05 13:26:12 ET


2003-02-05 14:45:55 ET

Oh..I'm getting it for free :)

Just bought the fake hair:P

2003-02-06 15:41:15 ET

When I had dread, Ilooked like a Hardcore kid, or a hippy Wintermute-2-LIfe, ex. bleh

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