2003-02-10 07:50:23 ET

This pineapple is really hating life now.

It appears that my car has totally stopped working now.

We found this out today.

I think I'm going to cry. No..really. There's nothing you can do. It's not like you can reason with a car =/

2003-02-10 08:08:03 ET

Who say you can't reason with a car? Hmph. I can manipulate all kinds of machinery with my mind! Or not. Sucks to not have a car, welcome to my world :(

2003-02-10 10:11:32 ET

It has been super cold lately. A few thing may have frozen up. Try jumping it first and if that doesn't work, check all your fluids. Don't give up. Smile!

2003-02-10 10:33:55 ET

w0rd. Feel better, ma'am.

I'm going to agree with Mr. Mute and say to check all your fluids.

That doesn't work, you can start riding a bike and be all morally superior and stuff.

2003-02-10 10:37:18 ET

Very true. Go for the whole, " Asian Anime" theme. You can keep your pineapple look and just get one of those huge mortal kombat hats and ride a bike and wreak havoc!

2003-02-10 10:38:58 ET

And then you're going to have to get tentacle raped.

Part of the process.
Not my rule.

2003-02-10 10:40:40 ET

I'm on the tentacles. I know it seems like a lot of red tape, but I have all the proper permits and forms. You know it's not really as difficult as youwould think, I mean the rape tenticle's a nice guy reallly....

2003-02-10 10:52:52 ET

As ov now..I'm not an Anime Pineapple. I'm a Playboy Channel one.

2003-02-10 10:58:18 ET

That workks also, I guess. Does that mean I have to cancel the Rape Tentacle, because I went through a shitload of paperwork and...

2003-02-10 10:59:05 ET

I'm sure John can use it for something. He's all about the hentai.

2003-02-10 11:10:21 ET

Ah, yeah, maybe I can tall the Rape Tentacle that there was a cancellation and myself and Nachtrichter can just take it to the city, have lunch, and let it wreak havoc on downtown!

2003-02-10 11:13:17 ET

I'm free tomorrow.

Up for some Rape Tentacle ravaging the snowy aftermath?

2003-02-10 11:14:58 ET

Come live in Brooklyn w/us and you don't need a car.

2003-02-10 11:15:37 ET


2003-02-10 11:20:37 ET

Let's see if we can arrange the downtown Rape Tetacle rampage for tomorrow. My schedule's wide open.

2003-02-11 10:36:07 ET

my car just quit on me too

2003-02-11 10:37:01 ET

This thread confuses me. . .

2003-02-11 13:14:28 ET

Dood..Insomnia..you gotta watch more hentai.

All about school girls and rape tentacles.

2003-02-11 13:23:37 ET

I've seen them. But how are you gonna do this downtown, considering you guys have neither school girls nor tentacles? If you do manage, let me know, so I can take off work to watch. . .

2003-02-11 13:25:38 ET

That's all on Bio and Wintermute. They brought the sex into this thread.

2003-02-11 13:51:07 ET


Rape Tentacles are always called for. I don't want to receive any blame for your carnal desires.

2003-02-11 14:05:54 ET

Do I look like I'm wearing a plaid mini skirt you fetal perv?

2003-02-11 14:19:13 ET


2003-02-11 14:25:09 ET

This thread is no more. It has ceased to be.

2003-02-11 14:26:46 ET


2003-02-11 14:27:52 ET

Biomechanic means war to us.

2003-02-11 14:28:43 ET

2003-02-11 14:30:29 ET

Don't make the fetus drool.

2003-02-11 14:31:29 ET

thats great!

2003-02-11 14:33:36 ET


2003-02-11 14:35:44 ET

I'ma cut you, foo'.

2003-02-11 14:38:51 ET

trying to outdo me Bio??

2003-02-11 15:02:31 ET

While your pineapple parophanalia is amazing, dicing pineapples into small bits is hilarious.

2003-02-11 15:07:07 ET

No putting me in snuff films now okay.

2003-02-11 20:43:14 ET

Anyway, back to the Rape Tentacle ans school girls...

2003-02-11 20:48:51 ET

Perhaps, dear Wintermute you were a violated Japanese school girl in a past life.

We should've traded clothes at the pimp and ho party. I was rockin' a plaid skirt.

2003-02-11 20:52:37 ET

Perhaps, but is it really soo wrong for myself and Mr. Bio to just plan a nice day in the park with a Rape Tentacle and some Japanese school girls? I think we should name it Squiggly. = ]

2003-02-11 20:56:10 ET

Well, if you can horde up some school girls..I will gladly take a break from doing nothing and enjoy the ravaging from a safe distance.

As long as nobody brings a paring knife or a juicer, I'm there :D

2003-02-11 20:58:53 ET

No pineapples will be hurt, I assure you, but if you notice, most of the "victims" of Squiggly and his bretheren don't seem to be in "anguish" at all, lol. Creepy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

2003-02-11 21:02:44 ET

Perhaps it should be renamed Fun Tentacle or Bio's Love Tickler?

2003-02-12 02:51:03 ET

I wish my Love Tickler got as much action as the R.T.

2003-02-12 10:09:50 ET

we don't have rape tentacles over on the west coast, we just have lots of rape salmon

2003-02-12 12:39:38 ET


2003-02-13 09:24:45 ET

scariest thing is watching them swim upstream

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