2003-02-14 14:17:58 ET


Found my old pills. I'm not going to let them just sit there. Not much..but something.Need to get better before going out.


I'm not a pill junkie. I'm sick.

You see they stole my jacket in NYC and the NYPD fucks won't give it back cause it's "evidence" so I'm going to freeze all winter.


2003-02-14 21:29:28 ET

I'll warm you up, baby.

I'll pull some strings over the precicnt.

2003-02-15 10:13:15 ET

ritalin :0---

2003-02-15 11:00:35 ET

I think I have another jacket -

2003-02-16 20:07:36 ET

<--Sleeping pill junkie..dont feel bad<BR> >:P

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