2003-02-16 19:49:30 ET

We discovered a few things this weekend.

1-You know how Captain Morgan draws moustaches on people's faces in those ads? He shoved a very large tusk in my septum. Yes, it hurt. Yes..I'm insane.

2-Not a good idea to go out w/your ass almost showing and a see through fishnet shirt(no jacket) in 10 degree weather.

3-Even a worse idea to do it while you're already sick.

4- You people from other states rock.

I will go ingest Nyquil like crazy now..because I'm about to projectile vomit my lungs.

DAMN you NYC cops. I want my jacket back.

2003-02-16 20:01:39 ET

they took your jacket?!?!?!

2003-02-16 20:36:14 ET

Yea, some bum tried stealing it out ov my friend's car, and they held it as "evidence".

2003-02-16 20:38:16 ET

damn stupid pigs... they proubly just wanted to see you with less clothes.. FREAKING PIGS!

2003-02-16 20:39:44 ET

Disturbing..but most likely true.

2003-02-16 20:40:35 ET

why else would they seriously take your coat when it's freaking snowing outside? pigs need to choke on a doughtnut.. hehehe

2003-02-16 21:56:31 ET

Pig Fuckage I tell you....

2003-02-17 06:10:14 ET

exactly!! motherfuckingdoughtnutchokingpigfuckers!!

2003-02-17 11:32:37 ET

get better!!

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