It's time for androgyny!!!!!!!!!!!
2003-02-16 21:17:51 ET

Angelboi7: hehe, i looked at miself in the miror a few days ago n realized i kinda look like u :-)
elektr0fleisch: That's really hot :-)
Angelboi7: I think its a good thing :-)
elektr0fleisch: either I look like a girlboy or you look like a girl who looks like a girly boi

Christian has my looks and Wintermute definitely has my personality.

I am SUCH a boy.

I found that amusing

Aside from being a boy..I'm pretty cold and congested. I get what I deserve for not wearing more clothing in the winter.

2003-02-17 06:10:50 ET

You're my favorite manpineapple.

2003-02-17 11:09:21 ET

You are such a girl.

2003-02-17 11:51:44 ET

No, quite the contrary.

I have quite an impressive c0q.

2003-02-17 11:53:26 ET


That's it, I'm breaking up with you.

I like my men to be men and my girls to be girls.


2003-02-17 12:09:53 ET

I still have Bio.

He loves the c0q.

2003-02-17 12:46:14 ET

::gives Ms. Ananas a handjob::

2003-02-17 14:15:13 ET

Your hands are mad scaly Bio.

Bring on da Lubriderm.

2003-02-17 14:25:27 ET

I'm working for free.
Take me to dinner and you'll get the goodstuff.

2003-02-17 14:28:10 ET

How does MacDonald's in Penn Station sound?

2003-02-17 14:29:15 ET

Penn Station, Newark or Penn Station, NYC?

2003-02-17 14:30:07 ET

I will come to you.

But make it worth it.

2003-02-17 14:34:29 ET

Sounds like a plan.

Just try not to leave too big of a mess on my shirt.

2003-02-17 14:35:22 ET

No, I'm not Gus.

He left the mess on the ouch :X

2003-02-17 14:41:47 ET


2003-02-17 15:45:09 ET

This week. We're making Bea come to the city.

2003-02-17 15:54:18 ET


Bio and I can play priest and altar boy all weekend long.

2003-02-17 16:02:49 ET

Oo baby.

Wednesday is Fragment King & Nexicon at Subtonic.
Friday is Ant-Zen party at Funhouse.

2003-02-17 16:10:54 ET

Yea, I'm all over that Ant-Zen thing.

But not as much as I'm over 16 year old males.

2003-02-17 16:12:02 ET


2003-02-17 16:12:57 ET


2003-02-17 16:14:25 ET

I'll be there with plastic gloves on!

2003-02-17 16:15:58 ET


2003-02-17 18:48:27 ET

lol whats wrong with 16 year old boys? eh? Well, i guess alot actually, but I won't be one of them any longer in just a few weeks.

2003-02-17 18:49:57 ET

Nothing is wrong with 16 year old boys.

Just Biomechanic makes them all look bad :)

2003-02-17 18:51:15 ET

oh. wait, is he one? arg im so confused. I want canned fruit.

2003-02-17 18:52:12 ET

Yes, he is.

We have pineapple flavored cottage cheese at my house.

My mom bought it.

2003-02-17 19:06:11 ET

Sixteen year olds suck.

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