2003-02-17 17:55:12 ET

Somehow AIM managed to block everyone on my Buddy List.


2003-02-17 17:57:14 ET

doing the same thing to me

2003-02-17 17:58:39 ET

And to think I thought you hated me.

2003-02-17 17:59:32 ET


2003-02-17 18:05:42 ET


2003-02-17 18:07:18 ET

The bright side: No more Im's from name dropping club promoters at 3 a.m.

"If you were involved with the scene as much as I am Bea...."

2003-02-17 18:09:11 ET

Ah, Christ. Lucky you.

2003-02-17 18:11:56 ET

I invented scene whoring.

2003-02-17 18:14:10 ET


You can have my IM, get screamed at "oh my fucking god you bitch I can't belive you said that."

"I didn't."

"I trusted you you lied to meeeeeeee!"


2003-02-17 18:22:12 ET

Bio also invented drama.

2003-02-17 18:23:19 ET

I thought mekh did.

bah... sk.net/lj meshing

2003-02-17 18:24:54 ET

Who the fuck is mekh?

And llama.

2003-02-17 18:25:27 ET

Ha..I'm going to kill that elektr0death skank.

2003-02-17 18:26:13 ET

I'm going to have my way with that elektr0death slut.

What a slut.

2003-02-17 18:27:37 ET

I say we anally rape the bitch and don't leave a single shred.

I'll bring the slender tree branch.

2003-02-17 18:29:03 ET

She vibrates.

2003-02-17 18:33:02 ET

I'll bring the Rape Tentacle.

2003-02-17 18:34:06 ET

I will be with Bio and Squiggly.

2003-02-17 18:34:27 ET

She can never get enough ov the c0q.

2003-02-17 18:38:38 ET

mmmyep. damn aim for losing buddylist thing. bleh.

2003-02-17 18:44:29 ET

I'll bring the webcam

2003-02-17 20:54:17 ET

it must've been a coastal thing, it fucked me like that too

2003-02-17 20:55:09 ET


I can't picture anything fucking you.

2003-02-17 21:11:15 ET

its funny though how i know so many people that CAN picture themselves fucking me

2003-02-17 21:15:46 ET

::trying to envision::

Not happening :P

Me hitting on you when I was drunk and 17 doesn't count.

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