2003-03-08 22:24:43 ET

So I get this in the mail today:

A WARRANT has been issued for your arrest. You may waive your right to a court appearance and pay $79 covering all fines and costs due (including contempt charges) or you may appear in court to show cause why you should not be held in contempt for failure to comply with above summon(s)

Time to hide out for a while.

They returned my check for that vile fucking ticket that I got for "not being able to display a driver's license".

2003-03-08 22:25:53 ET


2003-03-08 22:30:23 ET

Yup...because apparently you don't get issued warnings anymore.

2003-03-08 22:31:41 ET

dude..try to pay the fine, it WILL eventually catch up...if you cannot afford it, community service might be an option...And for such a small fine you'll only have to do a few days at MOST a week in prison which isnt that bad or prolly a few days community service.i'm not sure how the Jersey system works...you might even be able to do a payment plan
but if need be it i'll school you on ''prison life'' haha...it isnt THAT bad you can get by!

2003-03-08 22:32:57 ET

But..I sent in that ticket!!!!!! They returned my check!!!!

2003-03-08 22:37:21 ET

you should go into the office or the Magistrate and talk to them..they WILL sort it out for you dont worry, if you hide out, the fine will accumulate and it'll get worse..ESP if you get caught in a weird situation where the cops are involved or whatever might happen, they will run a check on your info to see if you have warrants and youll get booked on the spot. Seriously, go to the Magistrate or whatever the 1st chance you get on Monday things will be fine

They DO come knocking at your door looking for you

2003-03-08 22:40:28 ET

Luckily I'm always in Bloomfield.

Yea..first thing Monday I will go get this shit sorted out.

I'd mail in that bullshit fine, but I have a dollar to my name .

2003-03-08 22:49:04 ET

yea, they are actually pretty understanding not much to worry about, most likely if you DO skip out and they catch you dude 79 bucks is a small fee you would only do few days time haha but i doubt it would come to that if you went to talk to them

Dude,i aint even kidding when i say the Constable will show up at the most random times,Them fucks come out of nowhere! youll be butt ass nekkid in the shower and that fuck will have a search warrant, come in,and he'll be there waiting outside to cuff you up!

:Comforts:: it'll be ok

2003-03-09 00:54:49 ET

I had the same thing happen to me a few years ago. Living in Denver I got a warrant for a fix it ticket from California five years prior. I called them up and ended up writing a letter explaining to a judge what had happened. I paid a $10 “processing fee” and it was done with. Much better than Jail or $1500 they were asking for.

2003-03-09 03:57:06 ET


2003-03-09 05:20:56 ET

I doubt it would be jail pr0n video fun either.

O.o thanks Alice, I DO FEEL slightly better now :)

2003-03-10 08:11:10 ET

you fugitive you

2003-03-10 09:23:16 ET

I hope you Don't plan on hiding out here ...I hate cops . Hey didn't i give you the money to pay for that ticket... i hope you didn't use it on hookers and coke lol

2003-03-10 09:25:27 ET

No Damian, that was another one. I paid it off, but they sent back my check.

2003-03-10 10:15:24 ET

they'll understand if you go down to the court and make an appointment, and bring that returned check. I was in a similar situation where they didn't understand I had taken traffic school already, and I nearly got in trouble.

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