Trainwreck in a Funker shirt
2003-03-15 15:48:59 ET

I wore the most "interesting" outfit today. Probably due to the fact, that I crashed at my friends place and didn't bring enough comfortable/un-goth clothes with me to concoct an outfit not worthy ov a circus clown.

I actually wore it out in public (to a diner) and got the most unusual looks. I can't say that I liked them either.

So I basically wore:

-a Funker Vogt shirt that was way oversized(Execution Tracks cover art)
-a black and silvery glitter pixie skirt
-black and purple stripey tights with pothole tights layered over them.
-a long purple velvet coat

Yea..and I had taken my falls my hair was in messy pigtails, and I had no makeup on (let me remind you that..if I don't draw my eyebrows on, they ain't going to appear on their own), and you could tell that I was up and drinking all night.

Crack ho look in full effect. Dear God. Bonus points for the ghetto bandanna., it was like a trainwreck.

Batcave tonight...God only knows what I'll do there

2003-03-15 16:15:04 ET

I don't know either but can I watch this time?? heh

2003-03-15 16:17:14 ET

*he he he*

Yea..pineapple burlesque at midnight.

2003-03-15 16:28:17 ET

i'm sure more lewd acts will end up on film tonight ;)

2003-03-15 16:35:07 ET


No more naughtyapple.

Somebody better show some c0q ..I don't want to be the only drunk person showing their shit all over town.

2003-03-15 16:35:42 ET


no man shows.

2003-03-15 16:40:06 ET

if i attend tonight.. hopefully i will be enibriated. there will by no cj-nudity-core though.. but i'll bring the camera for the 2nd showing of the Ananas Strip Show

2003-03-15 16:47:44 ET

Tropical fruit gone wild?

2003-03-15 16:54:12 ET

"see how wild the [pineapple]'s get when we hand THEM the cameras!.. and watch what happens when we let Snoop Dogg take over!"

2003-03-15 16:57:03 ET

I have a camera tonight too.

You really coming out, little one? (little non-pineapple one, I mean)

2003-03-15 17:02:48 ET

well i had planned on it, but i have yet to hear back from das driver. have not heard from senor bio tonight yet either ... so i guess it's still in the balance..

2003-03-16 03:14:26 ET

Yeah, that outfit was mad silly. I wouldn't be caught dead in an oversized Funker shirt. There should be more pictures of it floating around.

You are the number one crackho.

2003-03-17 11:43:14 ET

thats pretty core, bea .. you should sport that at q's this weekend :)

2003-03-17 23:59:39 ET

I just realized that among the over a hundred bottles of perfume/body spray i own, i have a bottle of Pineapple scented spray! if i remember ima bring it to the show for ya hehe

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