2003-03-21 10:01:59 ET

I'm never going to drink again.


Anyways..I had interesting blood and guts dreams today :)

Maybe it's related to my Maid of Honor status.

I don't get rockabilly kids. No, this isn't related to anything, I just don't get them.

2003-03-21 10:05:06 ET

How could you not get them? Rockabilly is the shit

2003-03-21 10:07:16 ET

I can't take anyone who says "hepcat" seriously.

2003-03-21 10:13:46 ET

hehe :)

2003-03-21 10:28:07 ET

I don't get those dammned cyber goths

2003-03-21 10:28:30 ET

Can you dig it hepcat?
</taken seriously>

2003-03-21 10:42:23 ET

rockabilly DUDES need to flush themselves
rockabilly CHICKS can call me at 212-555-SLUT... anytime

get ready girl; the nuptual feast is about to be official. No abstenance allowed.

2003-03-21 10:48:10 ET

I love rockabilly kids.

I am getting married today.

2003-03-21 10:56:00 ET

i think im still buzzed from last night, bea! hah

2003-03-21 11:01:05 ET

I'm getting married today too.... *giggle*

2003-03-21 11:02:58 ET

I'm gonna dig up some 1995 Manson shirts and show up white trash goth style.

I still don't get rockabilly kids.

Most American cybergoths have zero fashion sense (besides a few), London is pineapple mecca though.

2003-03-21 11:08:26 ET

That is for damn sure, bea - I used to fucking LIVE for the
waifish, detached, streamlined, mechanized embodiments of
London cyber fashion.
It's definitely different from the trance-farce raver circus that we have here.

2003-03-21 11:14:20 ET

Down with the fetish clowns :)

I forgot who coined the term, but it applies quite well.

People still think I live for trance and glowsticks, it's cute :)

2003-03-21 11:14:56 ET

niceee, i can play that game too! lol

2003-03-21 13:22:09 ET

London does every subculture better. And sexier. That's why I can't resist buying stuff from website like this:
( some of the pictures are really chessy, but they have awsome wrist cuffs.)
And yes, They are in Essex, not London, but close enough.

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