2003-04-01 10:26:54 ET

Uh...guys..I think I'm pregnant

2003-04-01 10:30:32 ET

eep...i hope this is an april fools joke....but otherwise *hugs* i may not know you but i'm sure you could use one right...a hug i mean

2003-04-01 11:05:57 ET


2003-04-01 11:21:16 ET

Yeah, everyone seems to be so skeptical about it :D

2003-04-01 11:27:22 ET


Imagine what the offspring would look like!

2003-04-01 11:28:10 ET

well geesh i hope shes not seriouse...thatll make her feel real great

2003-04-01 11:34:32 ET

happy april fools bea ;)

2003-04-01 11:42:34 ET

i hope she'snot serious

2003-04-01 11:43:05 ET

me too

2003-04-01 11:45:13 ET

it would be really bad if she comes back with a reply saying its not an april fools day joke and we look like idoits

2003-04-01 11:54:29 ET

that it would

2003-04-01 12:16:49 ET

Probably shockingly averaged sized, Storm.

2003-04-01 12:17:52 ET

bah! if thats true the april joke is on you, bea! lolol

2003-04-01 12:29:41 ET

They would be delightfully fruity as well...
a bit from BOTH parents. LOL

2003-04-01 12:35:54 ET

We can name it Ezekiel.
Regardless of gender.

2003-04-01 12:38:34 ET

...or Jigglypuff perhaps. :)

2003-04-01 13:37:06 ET

Uh ..guys..Len has nothing to do w/this.

2003-04-01 15:00:44 ET


2003-04-03 22:08:45 ET


2003-04-04 00:34:51 ET

Ut ohh...haha its prolly April fools but whoa...

Teeny little Pregnant Bea..*faints*
can i be the Godfather?

2003-04-04 06:16:31 ET

Coral, it wouldn't be the first time.

Anyway, I told Len it was Frank's.

But sure you can anyway :)

2003-04-04 06:36:01 ET

You told Len it was Frank's?

Oh man, there's enough issues between those two. . .

2003-04-04 06:50:03 ET

yeee! if youre for real...ima be the godfather! hahaha

Len is/was prolly shitting bricks eh?

2003-04-04 09:06:50 ET

Justine..I realized that only after I said it was Frank's. But that only made it funnier.

Nahh..I'm not really having a baby.

I'd have to feed it to my rats :) But you can still be the godfather.

2003-04-04 09:19:32 ET

As if there ain't enough drama!


s'okay you know I love you ;-)

2003-04-04 10:18:58 ET

You can stop loving me when I plan on breeding.

No fat-apple.

2003-04-04 10:31:00 ET

Okay deal. No breeding.

2003-04-04 10:52:18 ET

No contaminating tall genes.


2003-04-04 11:07:34 ET

I'll try Bio..

that means no more kid toucher videos.

2003-04-04 11:08:18 ET

Let's not say things we can't take back.

2003-04-04 11:09:30 ET

No prison d00m.

Do you know what they do to short people in jail?

No..you do not.

Our love can never be.

2003-04-04 11:14:25 ET

No, the ignorance that comes with youth leads me to not possess the knowledge of they do to short people in jail. Please enlighten me.

If it's good things, then I am supposing our love is predestined.

If not, only in Jersey.

2003-04-04 11:45:32 ET

i was a short person in Jail before...its not realyl that bad...if you dont mind being surrounded by fat hispanic women

2003-04-04 11:54:53 ET

Short people suck ass.
Cuz they're the right height to....
*high-fives Bio*

2003-04-04 11:58:31 ET

We're like Christmas Tree ornaments.

2003-04-04 12:30:19 ET

yuck..no ass sucking for me! ever!

i wouldnt mind being at least 5''4 5''5...but im mighty so it evens it out!
Bea you fool me with your shoes...i fool people with my shoes too but you REALLY do

2003-04-10 13:53:35 ET

I fool people with my shoes...and I'm pregnant with D.P.'s luv seed andm I'mma keep ma baby.

2003-04-28 22:31:35 ET

look what Storm and I birthed:


2003-04-29 04:40:17 ET

It's so bright and beautiful. I'm in awe..

umm..what is it, and does it bite?

Looks a little rabid to me :P

2003-04-29 08:23:40 ET

A slice of heaven on earth.

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