2003-04-14 13:26:54 ET

I'm not dead, I've just lost teh desire to update this as well as Live Journal. Which is weird, since I have always felt the need to record every detail ov my life in Live Journal. Perhaps it's because I'm never home anymore. Not that I miss it...I don't.

Seeking employment and moving out is on the agenda.

And on another note..Sir Bio I hope you do feel better. You owe me some Mario Kart and power electronics doom.

2003-04-14 13:32:46 ET

you're moving out already??? .. but you just moved in ;P

2003-04-14 14:15:26 ET

dc you kill me. . . heh.. . .

Employment = good.

Good luck.

2003-04-14 14:19:15 ET

yea, you should totally get a job at store where you would be able to get me synths for half price at discount :x hehehe

2003-04-14 14:29:48 ET

Do I look like Kaliss?

2003-04-14 14:52:25 ET

Damn, I think, besides the height, you're the furthest away from kaliss-looking anyone could be. . ..

2003-04-14 14:57:55 ET

It always comes back to the height.

Maybe I can be tall and rivet in my next lifetime :P

2003-04-14 15:32:34 ET

haha, that would be funny too see! maybe i will be a 5ft tall pineapple :x

2003-04-14 15:34:50 ET

I am going to be a short noizeboy.

2003-04-14 15:37:20 ET


2003-04-14 15:51:22 ET


2003-04-14 15:53:43 ET

hahahah!!!!! you got that off .. AND made my fucking day hahahha! MAD points :P

2003-04-14 15:58:09 ET

I'd rather have Sigfried and Roy.

2003-04-14 15:59:05 ET

dat's "fiddy" though! haha ..

2003-04-14 16:01:07 ET

Die Cyber would rather have S&R - cuz she's a fruit.

2003-04-14 16:02:03 ET

yea .. she is probably just one of them "wangsta's" .. hahah

2003-04-14 16:03:17 ET

I like tigersex.

2003-04-14 16:11:31 ET

I'm not into makin' luvvvvvv....

2003-04-14 16:33:52 ET

ive been hit with a few shell's but i dont walk with a limp! (im aiight) .. hahah, i better stop now .. we could go on forever! .. bah!

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