2003-04-14 14:37:14 ET


Can you post that Sigfried and Roy picture for me again?

It holds a special place in my heart.

Along with the comment "This is a face you would be making if you were to make love to a man and a tiger".

It's by far the best thing I've seen you post on SK. If you do that you can touch my breastuses.

2003-04-14 16:49:47 ET

yea bio, you can squeeze my geish as well ..

2003-04-14 16:50:54 ET

Damn, not the same one, but it'll do.

But, it's okay, I already know what your breastuses feel like.

This post made me feel a bit better. 8]

2003-04-14 16:52:39 ET

HAHAHAHAHA! its still funny as fuck .. although the last pic was tad bit better, lol

2003-04-14 23:26:22 ET


2003-04-15 11:21:18 ET

you kids are a nightmare...

2003-04-15 18:09:25 ET

Rarrr... I wonder who would leave deeper scratches:
1. Zeigfried
2. Roy
3. The Tiger
4. Die Cyber

*** Results to follow ***

2003-04-15 18:49:50 ET


2003-04-15 18:54:34 ET

I'm as fierce as a tiger.


2003-04-16 03:28:46 ET

with the heart of a lion.

2003-04-30 16:09:49 ET

i saw that pic all over the place when i was in vegas last weekend

2003-04-30 16:35:57 ET

I want it poster size!!!!!!

Wish I knew people in Vegas.

2003-04-30 23:06:47 ET

SiS is in Vegas, no?

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