2003-04-20 03:54:51 ET

The goddamn cat slept too close to my face last night. In conclusion: allergy doom. I'm all puffy and swollen and feeling sorry for myself. And up at an ungodly hour thanks to my parents.


2003-04-20 05:15:24 ET

i sleep on my face and my eyes get all red and then people think i'm some kind of drug addict

2003-04-20 06:55:19 ET

have you tried nasonex?

i got a prescription for it and it works really well.. i am kinda allergic to cats now but cant bare to part with them.. I found if i use it before i go to bed i not only sleep better but i dont wake up all groggy and stuffed up.

2003-04-20 07:36:28 ET

Perfect - just fall asleep at the dinner table.

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