2003-05-01 15:36:03 ET

I beat the beaurocracy :)

I finally got my coat back.

After 4 trips to New York.
1 car accident
More toll fees than I can count
1 Biomechanic bonding session
2 trips to Queens
8712492748 cops giving me trouble


Moral ov the story: The bums get treated way better by the law, than your common obiding citizen.

2003-05-01 15:42:17 ET

someone steal your coat?

2003-05-01 15:52:24 ET

Bio-Mechanic bondage session.

And damn, it's about time!
I didn't go to all those beaurocrat buildin's for nothin'!

2003-05-03 20:51:09 ET

Did you turn them into Biocratic buildings?

damn... that was really sad.

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