** Attention **
2003-06-04 14:43:55 ET

+ I have invaded the pineapple's body and am now posing as a 5'2", sultry, kid-touching fruit. I am currently plotting world domination by way of my feminine rues. I shall use BioMechanic and Insomnia as my army of vertically gifted soldiers. I will make Wintermute a symbol of world perfection. In his absence, he will be come a symbol of everything holy, intelligent and sexy. When my reign is complete, everyone will bow to the ideals of Wintermute.

These ideals are as follows:
1- Hookers and Coke
2- Cheap booze and cheaper women
3- Wintermute is good

The national pastime will be Antiquing ( The act of catching an unsuspecting person while they are sleeping and pelting flour or baby powder at their heads, creating the effect of an antique statue).

Your New Leader,


2003-06-04 14:47:51 ET

get a job, you have too much time on your hands my dear roomate :) heheheheheheh, much love to ya, BRO! lol

2003-06-04 14:56:54 ET

lol. the world would be a much better place with those ideals. viva la wintermute.

2003-06-04 15:03:33 ET

Thank God I don't have a job b/c as of 5 minutes ago, we are the proud new owners of a shiny, digital cable box!!! See, if I had been working, that fine young man would never have entered our domain and we would not have this vast new technology. By the way, I have an interview tomorrow and it's for a better job than the one I had originally applied for!!! Sucka'

**Digital cable excuse courtesy of Bea because Len does Not have an Original thought in his head. He is used to pleasure me, and not to think :)

2003-06-04 15:47:43 ET

Yeah, too bad it sucks. And we lost our HBO.

I want a job like Chris Condition. Sit around and build robots out ov spare computer parts.

2003-06-04 15:53:33 ET

haha, word! my job rocks ;)

2003-06-04 15:59:16 ET

all must obey new world order....

2003-06-04 16:12:02 ET

All must obey the pineapple.



2003-06-04 16:36:41 ET

You know you have too much time on your hands when you turn to subkultures.net antics for your only fun.

Obey the pineapple.


2003-06-04 16:54:51 ET

Hhahhah..that is great.

We watch the TV Guide Channel for fun too.

2003-06-04 17:02:06 ET

You've kept this job for how long? I'm impressed!

Kids these days. Christ.

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