2003-07-02 08:14:00 ET

In a perfect world..all clubs would have girly, pussy drinks like strawberry margaritas :)

Though LIT's do the job, something along the pussy drink lines was quite a nice change.

Can't beat this hangover, so it's sleep time.

2003-07-02 08:58:54 ET

strawberry dactry

2003-07-02 09:04:12 ET

in a perfect world there would be more noise clubs...

2003-07-02 09:05:09 ET

oh yeah. definately.

2003-07-02 10:25:20 ET

i hear that! what was that wack ass flavored beer you made me drink last night?? that shit was rank! haha .. but it got the job done ;)

2003-07-02 10:44:38 ET

Margaritas are delicious (sans alcohol).

I love Len's generic noise set.

He gets mad props for using songs I gave him. ; )

P.S. Noise used in the non-accurate sense.

2003-07-02 23:34:13 ET

in a perfect world, guys could drink strawberry margaritas without feeling unmanly.

*sips some beer*

2003-07-03 07:26:47 ET

You and YOUR NOISE. I don't care if all clubs play is Whitehouse and Genocide Organ (nice love ballad mix BTW, Bio)as long as the strawberry margaritas keep a comin'

Squeaky..it was some weird microbrew shit that Anthony passed my way. But whatever..it was free. Yea, it DID get the job done.

I'll get to experience this alcoholism in 6 months.

I'm pre-gamin for a week straight.

2003-07-03 09:34:48 ET

Generic Noise sets rawk. They're all like, " Hey, i have grinding, screaching noises, but with a beat. This way, the average club-goer can say that they heard noise and danced. It's like having your cake and eating it too." Plus it makes life easier for Winter(mute) ;]

2003-07-03 10:02:10 ET

Only if there in pineapple on the cake.

</side track>

2003-07-03 10:53:22 ET

Make Anthony let me DJ.
I'll fucking tear the place down.
They will say, "DJ Keep Your Hands Off My Daughter, I'm going to be sending you a bill for the costs to repair this place, 'cause you just tore it down!"

2003-07-03 14:38:53 ET

"all the kings horses and all the kings men wish they had the noise that i have"
you know id work the place over with a healthy mix of harsh noise...

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