Say "It's just a rat" and die.
2003-07-06 04:55:32 ET


My big , gray "sewer rat" Ariel is pretty sick. She seems to have a nasty eye infection that she probably got from fighting with Laila. She can barely move and is barely breathing. I just gave her antibiotics. It was tough to force feed a rat, especially since she is not eating anything else period. So, I hope some antibiotics went into her system.

Damn rodent...snap out ov it.


She has no balance whatsover, but I can see how the infection is the cause ov that. WEll, she IS moving more than yesterday.

I feel so damn guilty. Like I should be home more to spend time w/the rats, although I know that they are taken care ov during my absence.

I hope she makes it through this.

I'm NOT breeding, so these are my children and I like them a shitload more than most people I've ever met.

I'm not reacting to this well, but who would?'s not "Just a rat". Last thing I want to hear is some sick fuck saying that.

2003-07-06 05:04:19 ET

I hope your baby gets betta..

2003-07-06 05:12:31 ET

T/Y dear.

I hope so too.

2003-07-06 06:13:36 ET

OH!that's so sad. But I can understand you, It's not just a rat,It's a loveable rodent ;). I had a guiena pig once, and he got really sick and died. *sniff*
I hope yours will get better :)

2003-07-06 06:21:21 ET

I know what it's like for people to comment that your pet is just an *insert type of pet here*

Hopefully the little guy gets better. Have you thought about bringing her to the vet?

2003-07-06 06:30:59 ET

My mom won't pony up the dough =/

If I had more than $3 to my name, I definitely would bring her into a vet in a heartbeat.

Fortunately, I have a good friend who has had experience in veterinary work for a few years and she is helping out lots.

2003-07-06 06:33:06 ET

It's always good to know people.

*has no idea how much vet's cost*

2003-07-06 06:36:18 ET

way too much :(

2003-07-06 09:45:03 ET

i miss my rat.


best wishes...

2003-07-06 09:54:08 ET


She better be a fighter =)

2003-07-06 10:01:07 ET

i hope she makes it ;]

2003-07-06 20:41:29 ET

barnical doom!

2003-07-07 03:47:06 ET

My rat didn't make it =/

I still feel the barnacle doom on my legs.

2003-07-07 04:19:20 ET

:[ your rat is now in a better place. hangin with ninja turtles and massah splinta!

2003-07-07 04:21:07 ET

I hope she gets to eat ugly fat girls for me in her next life.

And various other "sneaky" trash.

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