2003-07-07 03:48:17 ET

Well, by the time I got home today..I was left with one rat , Laila.

RIP Ariel.

I'm gonna go curl up in a pussy ball now and cry.


2003-07-07 04:14:50 ET

awww... Sorry hunny..

Ariel, RIP. I hope you had a good life, furry one.

2003-07-07 04:16:20 ET

I hope you eat a snake in Valhalla.

2003-07-07 04:27:39 ET

I'm sorry :(

2003-07-07 04:29:43 ET

In Hel. Only Einherjar, warriors who died in battle, go to Valhalla.

Uhm, sorry, ...That was inconsiderate of your emotional state, but I'm neurotic and I can't help myself.
Please forgive me.

2003-07-07 04:38:03 ET

It's alright, Shayster. Pet peeves are pet peeves. I'm understanding.

T/y Noa :)

My rat could have perhaps been a warrior incarnate. She's worthy :) She stood up to the cat. But that could've also been sheer stupidity.

2003-07-07 04:55:16 ET

I'm sorry to hear that.

2003-07-07 04:56:50 ET

heh heh
See, I might have viking heritage myself (which would explain the dreams where I loot and pillage villages), and as such, can say with certainty that your rat was as worthy as any.

*lowers head*

Goodbye, fellow warrior.

2003-07-07 05:03:49 ET


I always wanted to dress up like a viking, get drunk and cause general mischief.

I think I'm going to do it in Ariel's honor.

I just need a valkyrie outfit.

2003-07-07 05:12:52 ET

go to your local metalgoth clothing store, I'm sure they're widely available in the tri-state area.

2003-07-07 05:18:03 ET

I have never seen anything remotely viking looking.

Not even when I worked at the Halloween store.

2003-07-07 05:23:22 ET

Really? All the true-metal chicks 'round here dress up like vikings all the time. I wonder where they get that...

2003-07-07 05:23:55 ET

then again, you guys don't have goosebreast as a topping for your pizza, so god knows.

2003-07-07 06:47:49 ET

sorry about your rat Bea. ::hugs::

and you can find Viking stuff, follow those death metal kids around. eventually they will lead you the right way.

2003-07-07 06:51:18 ET

to the path of the rightous?

okay, I shut up now

2003-07-07 06:55:21 ET

sure. why not?

or to satan's playground.

damn those death metal kids!

2003-07-07 06:55:25 ET


RIP Ariel. I hope that my Canary Ariel is not his doppleganger.

2003-07-07 07:01:18 ET

:( poor lil Rat

2003-07-07 09:03:56 ET

I bet they have viking clothes at Halloween Adventure. I would post your picture again, but this is a serious entry.

2003-07-07 12:47:18 ET

awwwww, im so sorry :-(

feel better

2003-07-08 11:42:57 ET

he fought valiantly.......*salutes*

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