almost got the boot
2003-07-18 19:59:07 ET

well boys and girls it seems that i have fucked up yet again i came home hella late and kinna smashed and i started yelling at my mom and the next day she said that she had had enough of me and my attitude so she said that i was getting kicked out and then i almost got kick out of summer school too causei have 3 abcense and thats the limit but it turns out that then they called that it was just a warning that i might get kicked out if i miss another day so that was chill but yeah then i calmed my mom down and we came to an agreement and she decided to give me one more chance but i promised that if i fuck up again that she can send me to my dads with no more chances and no questions about it so im really going to try and change cause i hella do not want to live with my dad and that nasty house that he lives in i mean i love my dad but i do not like his life style so i mean i respect my mom for wanted to kick me out cause i understand that but i dunno im really thankful that she didnt cause she was acctually hella close this time usually she just threatens me about it but this time she was hella heated about it

2003-07-18 20:09:53 ET

Hella :-)

2003-07-19 23:58:09 ET

what i live in california its in our nature to say hella a lot hahahaha

2003-07-20 09:01:05 ET

Hella, it's in the blood in Cali! ;-)

2003-07-20 11:10:45 ET

oh hell yeah

2003-07-20 15:23:21 ET

:-D It's not good over here on the East Coast, not at all.

2003-07-20 20:58:17 ET

really?? that sucks you should come out here to the west coast hot sun good music and plenty of hotties and you can pick up the slang hella what more could you ask for

2003-07-21 09:10:55 ET

HaHa...that's heaven right there!

2003-07-22 07:39:40 ET

oh fo sho my friend it is heaven lol

2003-07-22 09:10:37 ET

Where up in Cali are you?

2003-07-22 19:59:21 ET

in the bay area i live in sunnyvale but no one knows where thats at but its by san jose

2003-07-23 10:32:27 ET

Oh, that is cool. I'm planning on going to the West Coast soon.

2003-07-23 19:08:04 ET

oh sick shit where are you gonna go to over here

2003-07-24 08:59:26 ET

Not sure yet. Just going. Ending up wherever I end up.

2003-07-24 10:08:29 ET

shit dude come over to my side its near san fran and stanta cruz we'll go chill

2003-07-24 11:33:37 ET

Alright, sounds good to me!

2003-07-24 17:50:34 ET

sick shit

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