fun day
2003-07-23 20:11:56 ET

today was hella sick.. i mean it was hella boring to be in summer school but once i got out i went and hung out with my friends kyle and sean and wishnack and we just hung out and sean and kyle were doing some funny ass shit like sean has this little hoo-ray thing that he does thats hella funny you just have to see this shit go down and then i went to work and my friend chris walked me and he stayed their the whole time till i got off of work and while i was working clark and lanell came and hung out too lanell left for awhile but then came back and then we went to clarks house it sucks though cause i was hitting chris with a pillow and then clark came by and started throwing tissues at me to distract me so chris could hit me and then clark accedently hit me in the eye with the tissue box it was hella funny but i think im gonna have a black eye cause its all puffy and shit and then they started playing video games and then i was just chillin at the comp cause im not good at video games at all and then i had to go home and so clark walked us out and then we started like wrestleing and shit it was great and then we started talking about theold times when clark use to hang out with us all the time before he got busted but yeah today was hella chill

2003-07-24 03:43:24 ET

hahahha you're so funny.

2003-07-24 10:08:03 ET

i know heheheh

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