So Lost!!!!
2003-08-05 22:14:54 ET

im too confused i dont know what i want anymore.. i dont want to be me anymore im tired of this shit i dont want to live this life anymore... i wish i could just switch with someone else i hate this i hate always getting confused about what i want in life im tired of people and im tired of not finding what i want... i want something new for myself and i want a totally different person for myself.... things just arient working out like their suppose too i wish i could just slit the throat of the person i am and be done with that and be born into someone completely new... and its not just me i want to change its everything around me too i want to change my friends and where i live i just need to get out of here something about being here just feels like it drags me down as if im looking for something to complete what i have and every peice i get just doesnt seem to fit...

2003-08-05 22:55:37 ET

You know what...I feel the same exact way. And I hate it.

2003-08-05 22:56:49 ET

i know how that feels, i know somone else that feels that way too......:'|

2003-08-05 23:08:46 ET

dude this shit sucks ass i really hate feeling this way

2003-08-05 23:12:13 ET

it does suck..maybe this will cheer you up

i know it did me

2003-08-05 23:21:31 ET

that shit was hella freaky hahahahaha it did cheer me up a little bit but i think thats one of those things that you have to be on something to truely enjoy... but thank you that was nice of you to want to cheer me up :)

2003-08-05 23:30:28 ET

hahah no problem!

2003-08-06 05:06:58 ET

im gonna have to call you little girl.

2003-08-06 21:22:44 ET

yeah dude i have lots to tell you

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