strange day
2003-08-06 21:30:47 ET

today was hella weird like my brother came home around 6am

with some of his friends and one of my friends/one of his

friends was with my brother and he came in and woke me up

this morning and then like after he was like you can go

back to sleep... well i couldnt so i went out to the living

room to see who all was here and i just kicked it with some

of my brothers friends then they all left except for steve

and my brother went to bed so i stayed up and chilled with

him and we just talked about hella shit and then we went to

my front yard and we were peicing a stoge and he was like

dude i have to tell you something i was like ok but it took

him dayz to tell me and then he told me that he thought i

was hella cool chick and that he hella wanted to date me

and shit but he doesnt because him and my brother are hella

good friends and i told him that if anything ever did

happen between us that he would have to talk to my brother

about it cause thats just fucked up if i went behind my

bros back like that but i dunno if he was really serious

aobut it i kept asking him if he was and he said that

during summer school he would always hint about it i dunno

when i was a freshman i had a big crush on him but like i

dunno i mean i would get with him just cause i know he

would be so good to me and stuff and its something

different cause hes completely the oppisite of me and of

other guys ive been with so i dunno ill have to see what

happens it was just strange of him to say that to me i

never would've expected to hear anything like that from


2003-08-07 04:06:38 ET

steve? steve? steve? nope doesnt ring a bell.

2003-08-07 22:16:51 ET

dude you really dont know???

2003-08-08 05:07:18 ET

no i cant think of it, but i know once i see him i'll know who it is...i tried callin your ass last nite..but no luck.

2003-08-09 11:02:00 ET

im sorry dude i work to late

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