damn i need to get a scanner
2003-08-06 21:42:45 ET

fuck i really need to get myself a scanner cause i need to

up date my pictures!!!!!

2003-08-07 04:09:24 ET

yes you do.

here are some options.

1. find someone with a scanner/digi cam
2. go to target or somewhere with a kodak picture machine scan your pictures and saved them on a disk i think its like 4.99 or 3.99
3.next time you develop pictures, get the disposable camera that comes with a free picture cd
4.kinkos might do it? but i dunno how much it cost.
5.wait until i can come in Nov.

thats all i can think of.

2003-08-07 22:16:04 ET

yeah dude thats what i was thinking just waiting till you get here or do the cd thing with getting my pictures developed

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