love my new background
2003-08-09 23:39:27 ET

CYNDI thank you so much dude i swear if i tried this shit i

wouldnt know what the hell i was doing but yeah it looks

good but yeah today was pretty chill i went to my friend

grants house and we watched some crazy race car movie thing

it was pretty sick then i had to go to work which sucked

balls and then i had to go babysit which acctually wasnt

that bad we just sat their and watched JACKASS and NIGHTMARE

ON ELM STREET it was pretty chill and i made 70 bucks for

like 4 hours of watching these kids and usually i only make

like 10 bucks and hour but she gave me like 20 bucks an

hour worth of money which is sick i think i might save

this money and get some school cloths i would take it with

me to lollapalooza but unfortunatly i cant go cause i let

my moms b/f down because i broke a promise that me and him

had so he took my ticket away which sucks ass but oh well

ill get over it maybe ill just buy another ticket and go

anyways my mom and him wont know nah i think he might just

give it back to me cause what the hell is he gonna do with

just one ticket.. like at first i didnt really have a

big problem with it till my mom comes up to me and is all

have you found one of your friends to buy that ticket off

of you and i was like oh shut the fuck up mom as if i

already didnt feel bad enough this bitch starts to make

me feel hella worse and then when i told her to stop she

wouldnt till i told her to shut the fuck up like she wont

ever stop putting me down thats what i hate most about my

mom she always finds away to make a bad situation worse

or a good situation bad shes such a bitch uhhh......

2003-08-10 05:31:49 ET

you're wecome my dear.

what promise did you break?

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