2003-08-12 20:22:33 ET

today was pretty sick... so i was home for hella dayz i

didnt even leave my house till like 3 and usually i leave

at like 1 but yeah so lanell came to my house to pick me up

and i saw with her my friend chris(KRONIK) and my friend

eric who i havent seen since school got out and it was

hella cool and chris got me something while he was in tahoe

he got my this key chain that has this little guy dancing

and hes got this fiddle thing in his hands but it looks

like a huge pipe and its green which is my favorite color

so that makes it even more sick well anyways we went and

hung out and got some mexican food at my favorite mexican

place (cyndi knows what place im talking about) but yeah so

we went there then we went and picked up cracks then we

went and met one of erics friends at wendys and then we

went to chris's house and his friend ryan was there so like

they went inside for a second and then we went to lanells

and kicked it there and did some stuff**** and then we

watched THE WALL it was hella sick but we had to turn it

off cause lanells sisters daughter was in the room so then

we started watching this cartoon called courage and i guess

its about this couragouse dog and the cartoon is just so

out of wack but its hella funny then we left and took

cracks home and then i came home and that was my fun


2003-08-12 20:25:58 ET

Just a suggestion: turn off the frickin CSS

2003-08-12 20:39:25 ET


2003-08-12 20:52:41 ET

You heard me.

2003-08-12 21:31:40 ET

wtf is CSS???

2003-08-12 21:46:04 ET

Layman's: the stuff that reorganized your page.

It's really hard to read when everything is crammed down one side and everything is jumbled at the top.

2003-08-13 06:02:32 ET

so why dont you just click comments and read it that way. not to hard.

Amy = mmmm my favorite mexican resturant..right now..
hehe el caminininitooo..hehehe..remember when we oredered that
one day we were at your old house and your mom was out but she didnt want us to go out...and when she game she thought we went out and taht we were lying..now why would we bring back food...hahaha.

2003-08-13 22:22:18 ET

hahahahahhahaha yeah dude remeber when we went there that one time all hung over and shit damn so many good times at the resturant remember when you stole my mom the corona salt and pepper shakers hahahahaha

2003-08-14 05:54:41 ET

hahahah yea

2003-08-14 20:21:59 ET

dude you need to come home i MISS YOU SO MUCH you have no idea

2003-08-15 05:31:58 ET

i told you...in Nov. i promise :) as soon as my mom gets back from her trip me and her are gonna talk about dates and stuff.


2003-08-15 22:52:20 ET

yeah dude i cant wait to see your ass hahahaha

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