2003-08-14 20:38:09 ET

today was pretty sick we went to san jose and saw a free

concert it was EVE 6 that played it was hella fun it was

crazy like we were walking back to lanells car to get her

money so she could get food and while walking to her car we

say eve 6 walking towards us and we didnt know it was them

at first and then i said to everyone i was like that guy

with the red fro looks like the lead singer and then we

walked back to the park and they got up on stage and i was

like dude i told you that was them it was chill but yeah

that was pretty much my day and then we all went back to

lanells house and ate some ice cream and raviollis and


2003-08-14 20:49:46 ET

haha yeah, i'm bad at recognising faces, however at warped tour this summer i saw the bagpiper guy from dropkick murphys and i all but attacked him for a pic w/ him haha. free show...thats awesome

2003-08-15 16:45:01 ET

I LOVE Courage!

2003-08-15 22:51:10 ET

slow motion- thats hella sick that you met him i met their old bagpipe player before they got this new guy

courtney- dude courage is one of the best cartoons ever made

2003-08-17 18:45:34 ET

Uh huh! But it's soooo hard to find clothes and accesories with courage on it!

2003-08-17 22:07:47 ET

i havent seen any but then again i just discovered this wonderful cartoon about 2wks ago

2003-08-18 06:50:35 ET

Haha well WELCOME to the addiction of Courage the Cowardly Dog! :-p Cartoon Network sells a little bit, but nothing special. 6 Flags has a little bit...but nothing mainstream like in regular stores, It's depressing, I swear!

2003-08-18 19:34:35 ET

hahahahahahhahaha that sucks i would love to get a courage shirt hes fucking awesome

2003-08-19 11:46:26 ET

Yep :-) My friend loves him a little too much. He had courage painted on his car. Now he just looks dumb.

2003-08-19 23:18:11 ET

damn thats hella strange

2003-08-20 04:46:51 ET


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